May 30, 2024
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By David Kronke
Residents in Vigo County spent Friday repairing damage caused by the sudden storm that hit on Thursday.

Ellis Law Offices, a downtown building that had its roof completely blown off by high winds, suffered some of the worst damage.

Kal Ellis, an associate at the company, said that it sounded as if the roof collapsed. Employees were not sure what happened. The employees noticed that parts of the roof lay in the alley and there was a large hole on the third-floor parapet wall.

The roof collapse caused interior damages due to water leaking from ceilings, running down stairs and causing significant damage.

Second and third floor of the building do not contain offices. However, everything on those floors – including storage, furniture, and files – were destroyed.

To replace the roof as quickly as possible, Ellis Law hired a team from Loogootee Yoder’s Roofing.

They plan to fix everything by tonight’s midnight, as more storms will be expected over the weekend.

He said: “It is a setback, but we have been through worse before. We are thankful that it was not worse.”

Christina Holmes, a property manager at Indiana State University’s Football Stadium, spent many hours trimming tree branches on three buildings in the 3400 Block of Wabash.

She said, “We had not suffered any damage to our property. Only a few tree branches fell.” Others had power just one block away, but some buildings were without it.

When the storm struck, Holmes was on her journey to collect her grandson.

She said, “The whole country was hit very hard.” It’s widespread. We moved off to the trees to pick up my grandson.

Even though there was no power, the weather on Thursday night made it tolerable.

Holmes said that it was good to have no power. There would be no rain and no threats.

Rose-Hulman University

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology was forced to close on Friday due to a power failure.

In his office, Robert Coons said that the campus had suffered many tree damages but not significant building damage.

He said, “It happened pretty fast and then the electricity went out.”

The first summer camp series for children was just about to end during the storms. The counselors prepared meals for students and cooked some of their favorite dishes on Thursday night.

Next week is a holiday before summer sessions begin.

Coons stated that “it’s not a great time to have a storm of this magnitude, but the timing was good.” We’ll hopefully have electricity by Wednesday.

Coons stated that after the storm passed the critical campus systems operated on generators, and they were monitored round the clock.

Some employees are removing trees from their roofs. Others have come together to help them with chainsaws. He said, “It is a tight-knit group.”

Riley’s Case

Kyle Rhynd was also helped by friends and neighbors, who are LifeLine flight nurses living in Riley. A friend helped him remove a large tree branch from his yard. He connected it with a tow rope and pulled it.

They offered to help me pick up the limbs. “We all help each other and chip in.”

Rhynd discovered this destruction when he returned from his work Thursday.

He said, “We had our roofs replaced just two weeks before and an oak tree fell onto the corner.” The storm happened very quickly.

Riley lost power due to branches falling onto power lines. Rhynd pointed to lines that were dipping into the nearby lake.

He said: “I don’t have a clue when power will be restored, but it’s not likely to happen before Monday.”

Riley Fire Chief Matt McCullough stated that the situation with downed lines is similar from north Terre Haute south to the county border.

He said that we began receiving calls right after the storm. We mixed those calls in with our regular medical calls. Terre Haute was assisted on two runs.

McCullough explained that it was a simple matter to go out, see what roads had been closed and redirect traffic. We did this until one o’clock the next morning, and then called it quits.

McCullough says his team will continue to handle storm calls for several days, despite a slowdown.

He said that people would start using generators in the home without realizing it and gas fumes will enter. We’ll chase them down until the power comes back on.

It is best to run a generator away from your garage or home. Also, make sure that the exhaust blows away from any windows. Otherwise it could trigger alarms.

Experts advised: “Treat downed lines of power as if they were still alive, even though you may think that they are dead.”

Clean up the trees

At Meadows Shopping Center, a team removed a downed and uprooted tree.

Terry Shackleford is the Meadows operations manager. He said: “I believe there was minimal damage. There were some other branches on the parking lot.” “The main issue is the outside tree, which will be cut down and removed today.”

It was not difficult to get the service today – “I called yesterday afternoon and they were here today.”

In the future, it may be more difficult for those who seek such help.

Shackleford stated that this contractor still has six more proposals to complete. Everyone will be in competition for these.

Storm-related problems caused inconveniences for residents in the region.

A traffic light that was not working at Hulman Drive caused Indiana 46 eastbound to become backed up by nearly one mile. By midday, Baesler’s Market and Meijer Gas Station on Wabash had run out of ice.

Branches encircle the memorial stone to TREES, Inc. founder Joy Sacopulos in Deming Park.

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